Instrument restoration and maintenance the the most important part of keeping your violin, viola, cello, or bass in prime condition. All restoration and repairs done at StringDokter are equal to, or exceeding M.E.N.C. standards. Ed puts quality time and work into each and every instrument, with results you would naturally expect from a experienced Luthier. Bow rehairs are the most common maintenance issue people have with stringed instruments. After time loss of hair and drag are frequent issues people will have with bows. Contact Ed to get your bow of any type or size rehaired and restored to its full capabilities!   Setup is crucial, if you bought a new instrument at a big retail store, you may not realize that it has not been properly set up. Fingerboard adjustments, bridge, pegs, soundpost, can limit or enhance an instruments performance. Set an appointment now to have our Luthier give your instrument a proper setup!